[Tutorial] How to shoot Moon with Mobile Zoom Lens

[Tutorial] How to shoot Moon with Mobile Zoom Lens

We are going to provide you perfect tips for capturing the moon with your smartphones and phone zoom lens.

Things needed:
1. A mobile phone 
2. A Zoom lens (Higher the magnification, better the result)
3. Check if your camera ap has manual / pro mode inbuilt. If not install a camera app with manual control. We will suggest Lightroom app as it is free.
4. A postprocessing software or app for editing the captured photo like Snapseed.
5. A tripod is a must for low light photography but still you can click by a stable hand.
6. Bluetooth remote shutter for shake-free capture if available.
Important Step:
Put the zoom lens on your eye. Look moon through the zoom lens then rotate the focusing ring so that it will perfectly focus the moon and your eye can see the moon clearly. This is the most important step so do this perfectly. Take your time.
Make sure you will not touch the focus ring of the lens after you set the focus perfectly.
Settings in camera app:
1. ISO: 100 or the lowest iso value.
2. Exposer: 1/401 or adjust according to the brightness of moon so that your phone can see the moon clearly.
3. White Balance: Auto
4. Focus: infinity/ Auto
Then attach the zoom lens on main camera of the phone and shoot. 

[Phone Lens Tutorial-3] Moon Photography with Apexel 18x Super Zoom Lens and Mi6
Pro Tips:
1. If you have a good camera then zoom 2x to get more magnification. 
2. If you have a telephoto camera then you can clip the lens on the telephoto camera instead of main camera and shoot magnified moon shot.
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