How to Get Blurry Background Using Mobile Phone Zoom Lens?

How to Get Blurry Background Using Mobile Phone Zoom Lens?

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Do you want to get DSLR like blurry background on your mobile phone to shoot portrait photography or videography? 



Only solution is to get a zoom lens for your phone.

But in market there are various kinds of zoom lenses available. Which one to buy?

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To select the perfect zoom lens you have to understand the various types of zoom lenses and their difference.


1. Plastic Vs. Metal Lens Body

The cheap smartphone lenses are made up of low quality plastic body however, the preimium zoom lenses are made up of metal body.

2. Pastic Vs. Glass Lens

Low quality cheap zoom lenses are made up of plastic lenses on the front, whereas high quality lenses contains glass lens. The plastic lens will give you very bad low quality non-sharp images whereas the glass lenses will give you almost sharp output.

3. Fixed Vs. Variable Magnification Zoom Lens

In market almost all lenses are fixed magnification zoom lens. That means you cannot zoom in zoom out. But there are vary few lenses using which you can zoom in and zoom out. That means you can vary magnification of the lens by rotating the zoom ring. 

4. Fixed Vs. Manual Focus Ring

Almost all zoom lenses have a manual focus ring, using which you can manually focus from close distance to infinity. Low magnification lenses don't have the focus ring like 2x or 3x magnification zoom lens. The bigger magnification lenses have manual focus ring, like 6x, 8x, 12x, 20x, 22x, 28x, 36x, 60x etc.

5. Black Border Vs. Full Screen Zoom Lens Output

The output of the zoom lens sometimes contains a blackborder around the captured photos. You have to zoom on camera app to remove the black border however the full screen zoom lenses don't have any black border so you don't have to zoom on camera app.

6. Low Vs. High Focus Distance

If you want to shoot from 1 meter distance then you have to get low magnification lens like 2x or 3x zoom lens. with those lens you cannot get much blur. If you want to get high background blur, you need high magnification lens and you have to shoot from a longer distance of 10 to 20 steps from the subject. 

7. Half body Vs. Full Body Shots

With mobile zoom lens you can get beautiful half body shots with background blur using lenses like 28x, 36x or 60x. However, It is difficult to get full body shot as you have to stand 20 meters away fro the subject to cover full body as well as to get background blur the background has to be far from the subject. 

8. Indoor Vs. Outdoor Shhoting

If you want to shoot indoor video like inside your Youtube Studio and you want to get blur background then buy 2x or 3x zoom lens. If you shoot outdoor then you can buy long zoom lens with high magnification.


Now we know that there are different kinds of zoom lens. Which Zoom lens we have to buy to get nice background blur?

Select the lens having glass lens, metal body, fixed focus, fixed magnification, full screen output lens. 

Pro Tips:

  • To get highest background blur, you have to buy the highest magnification zoom lens.
  • Currently, the highest magnification zoom lens is Apexel 60x Hyper Mobile Zoom Lens. So you will get the best background blur with this lens.
  • If you don't want to spend much but want good quality output you can buy Apexel 28x or 36x zoom lens to get sharp out put and blur background.
  • If you want in low cost then buy plastic body zoom lens. They will cost less but the output quality will also reduce and you cannot get sharp images but you will get good background blur.
  • To get high background blur keep the background as far as possible from the subject you are shooting.
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